Amy Robinson for Apex Bridging Tutorials

July 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amy Robinson

Will Apex Bridging lend on a fire damaged property?

Amy Robinson: Hi, everyone. I just wanted to come on and talk about a question that we've been asked this week. So the question is, will Apex bridging lend on a fire damaged property? Now, I know from my experience of being a broker prior to coming over here is if a property was to land on my desk that had fire damage from a client, I would be sat there thinking, oh, I really want to help this client. But where am I going to place this case. Here at Apex all the inquiries that we get coming over, whether that's a direct enquiry or if it's through a broker, we always consider the best options for that particular enquiry. Now, if the enquiry did have, you know, did mean that the property itself had had fire damage, we are in a position to lend on a property like that subject to us looking at that property, the deal itself figures need to stack up, but we are, we are happy to lend on a property subject to all your usuals if it's got fire damage, which is unheard of really with most lenders. So all I'm saying is if you're a broker and you've got a client that's looking to buy a property that's got fire damage, or if you're a direct client that is looking at that next investment property, but it just happens that that property has got fire damage, send it over and we'll have a little look at it for you and we'll always be open and honest with our feedback. And if we can lend, we'll certainly look to lend for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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