Dallas H. AP360 Video Testimonial

September 14, 2023

Dallas H. AP360 Video Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dallas H. (Business Owner), Asphalt Maintenance by Dalco, Inc.

Introduce yourself, and describe how Automate Pro 360 recently helped you or your business.

Dallas H. (Business Owner): Yeah, to get right down to it, I think ought to make pro three sixties help our business in tremendous ways, ways that I could not even have imagined. Um, long story short, I mean, the marketing that they have delivered to us has been exemplary. We're all over new platforms, Facebook, Instagram. We never had those before. Not to mention we didn't have time to manage them because of how much time is going into estimating and call backs and bill collecting and bill paying and whatnot. The marketing at A P 360 has been a huge monkey off our backs. Absolutely amazing. Uh, they're able to bring in new business, new clientele. We've even had repeat customers from them. They have been able to streamline everything for us and I'm just ecstatic to be able to use their services. I think the pay for them also is very fair. I don't think it's a bad price at all. I think you get what you pay for. And that's an old saying that still holds true today and they're paid well for what they do, but they bring a lot to the table and it's absolutely worth it. Um, they're making money, we're making money. Our business is able to flourish as well as theirs and it's just been a really great partnership.

How did Automate Pro 360 go above and beyond for you?

Dallas H. (Business Owner): Yeah. Automate Pro 360 has been amazing. They have gone above and beyond. They have invested their own funding into advertisement. They haven't asked for any money from us to do that. That shows that they have faith in our company. They have faith in themselves and it's just a great trust builder. I think it's been awesome.

How does Automate Pro 360 compare to other similar services you've used?

Dallas H. (Business Owner): Automate Pro 360 is different because they are one on one with you, whereas we have used in the past Angie List home Advisor, things like that. Those are great services. But every time you pay for a lead 60 bucks, 80 bucks a pop, that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. However, you're also competing with 3, 4, or 5 other companies that are getting that same lead with Automate Pro 360 You don't get that. They work specifically and exclusively with you. I'm not saying they don't help other companies that are in your direct, you know, market, but I know for a fact that they will not help other companies in your area. They work exclusively with you.

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