Joseph Wisely, Anvil Engineering

June 27, 2022

Anvil Engineering's Joseph Wisely shares why he loves working with Anvil (and ACME Constructors) and what makes the culture here so great.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joseph M Wisely, Structural Designer

How long have you been with Anvil and what lead you to your current role here ?

Joseph M Wisely: I've been with Anvil Engineering for close to a year now. What's led me to this position is the long years that I put in and being a structural designer. And Tim and I had crossed paths and here I am.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Anvil ?

Joseph M Wisely: The favorite part of my role is doing designing concept for structural design and have an ACME Constructors and project managers on hand to kind of bounce ideas of what they're looking for and would like to do, helps me out doing a good design and concept for them and making our work a little bit easier.

What stands out to you about the culture at Anvil ?

Joseph M Wisely: What stands out to me the most with Anvil and ACME together is the communication that we all have and the fun spirit that people bring to one another. It's a really fun place to work with and people are really nice to one another and it's enjoyable to have that kind of communication within a company.

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