K.I. Consulting & AnswerFirst

September 09, 2021

David Kellet, Owner of K.I. Consulting talks about how AnswerFirst has helped his IT business grow.

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Kellett, Owner, K.I. Computing, LLC

What is the name of your business and what products or services do you provide?

David Kellett: Hi I'm David Kellett, owner of K.I. Computing, LLC. We are a managed services provider and backup and disaster recovery and cybersecurity provider.

What makes your business, brand, product or services unique?

David Kellett: What makes us unique is that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our services. If we can't fix it, we don't charge you. And if you don't, if we have a problem, you don't get charged, you get your money back. It's just how we work.

What challenges was your business facing that led you to AnswerFirst?

David Kellett: Well, we were facing before we switched to AnswerFirst was a company that did not answer their phones live, which is what we want. We want people answering the phones live. And when I called and checked they weren't live. I ended up on recording and a music thing and I did not like that. It's not something I want for myself or for my customers. I want them to get to a real human being as soon as possible.

If asked why you chose AnswerFirst, what would you say?

David Kellett: The first reason I chose AnswerFirst their price point was right for our small business, and I really appreciated that. And we found that they have done a wonderful job ever since, that we've had them in responding to phone calls and transferring calls to us. Everything they do seems to work wonderfully.

Do you recall a situation when AnswerFirst helped your business?

David Kellett: I believe one of the things that AnswerFirst has done for us and help saved us time and money is when we get a sales call from someone that we obviously don't want to deal with immediately. They always just take a message and they filter out who's really a customer and who's not.

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