Wendy Melrose for AnswerFirst Testimonial Videos

September 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Wendy Melrose, Owner, Wendy Melrose Insurance Agency

What is the name of your business and what services do you provide?

Wendy Melrose: Wendy Melrose Insurance Agency. We help provide coverage for when you have a bad day it doesn't become a bad life.

What makes your business, brand, product or services unique?

Wendy Melrose: What makes us unique compared to every other insurance business out there is our ability to connect, and hear are exactly what our customers are needing and forseeing anything that they may not be understanding that they need, and explaining exactly why that is. So, having the vision and complete comprehension of their needs from a holistic view.

What challenges was your business facing that led you to AnswerFirst?

Wendy Melrose: The reason why we had to choose AnswerFirst is I needed someone to answer the phones 24/7 because you never know when that person may need who calls in to get a hold of me or claims. So I wanted to have that very personal touch every time the phone rings. So we chose AnswerFirst because they had the ability to answer the call 24/7 without any hiccups.

Why did you choose AnswerFirst over other services?

Wendy Melrose: I would choose the AnswerFirst because of the amount of customer service you receive, as well as the professionalism of those who answer the phone and how trained they are in order to have an amazing experience when somebody calls in, which is so important for when you have customers call in that they receive amazing and happy customer service on the other line.

Do you recall a situation when AnswerFirst helped your business?

Wendy Melrose: AnswerFirst really helped on a Sunday when a customer had gotten into a car accident the night before I got a text message immediately. So, I was able to help that person as quickly as possible. And that's happened several times now where I have it set up, where I get text messages when customers need me after hours and I get an alert to my phone on what exactly the need is, and I'm able to respond very quickly. So they really helped me with customer retention.

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