Froggy’s Lair Video Testimonials

March 02, 2023

Former Froggy’s Lair customer speaks out about the trauma her family experienced after her children were gifted the biosphere.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anonymous , Former Froggy’s Lair Customer

When did you first run into problems with your Froggy’s Lair biosphere and can you explain what happened?

Anonymous : After being asked by a family member if they would allow us to give the Children a Froggy’s Lair for the holidays, We had agreed to it. Um knowing what I knew, I decided to join the dwarf frog page on facebook for more information so that I could obviously get them out of the tiny cube that they were in because I did not feel it was fair. Um, a couple of days prior to the holidays we received the biosphere and kept it in a room separate where the Children could not go. Um I noticed while feeding them that the smallest one had a lesion on its lower lip and literally the day after Christmas I had woken up and he was gone. So we removed him from the tank and at that point I had told my husband it's time we're upgrading the tank and we have to get the other one out of there. So we went and spent roughly $200 on a tank set up and decided to do a frog in cycle. So we transferred the big one over. Um he was thriving. He seemed happy he was eating shrimp and great. About a week later I noticed that he as well had a lesion forming on his lower jaw, within about another week It had gone up and taken over his eye into his nose and obviously from my research from the page I knew what it was. So it was just a matter of time. Um, by mid january, he had passed away as well. So we lost both frogs in what ended up being probably a month, maybe a month and a half from them Return, sorry, from them coming into the store.

How has this experience affected you/your family and what would you like people to know about Froggy’s Lair and/or their “biospheres”?

Anonymous : So the frogs were a gift to my Children. One of the frogs made it a day after being gifted. So we ended up, you know, having to break the news to one of my Children that they lost their frog within 24 hours of being gifted. It was very frustrating. Um, she's a bit too young to wrap her head around the concept. She was sad, but she didn't quite understand it. Now, My other child was devastated. He was super excited about the fact that we had finally gotten frogs that he had been asking for for so long. His lived probably about another 20 days max. So he was devastated when his passed away. I'm talking tears and calls from the school because he just struggled. He loved the frog very much. Knowing what I know now, I would never recommend that, especially to Children who grow attached very quickly.

Did you continue the hobby, and if so what does that look like for you now? What changes or differences are apparent? If no, briefly explain

Anonymous : After finding out that the disease is related to Froggy’s lair quite a bit, I felt better. Um, but having spent $200 on a tank set up and trying to save the one frog after losing the other, I decided it's just was not for me. I lost interest in the frogs. I know my son wishes that we would have continued, but it's just too much. Maybe in the future we'll try again, but we will obviously never involve ourselves with froggy’s lair again.

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