Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Please describe how you feel now that you've finished the Bootcamp. (Now that I've finished the Blissful Body Bootcamp, I feel...)

now that I finished the blissful body bootcamp I feel rejuvenated. I my body feels so good, I went into it a little hesitant and skeptical because I have been doing boho beautiful yoga workouts on Youtube for about two years now and I didn't know if 15 minutes a day for seven days would truly benefit me just because I have been doing yoga for so long but after day two all those doubts went out the window because I was already feeling it and so by the time I finished I my body was saying thank you, thank you, thank you. Um and I just I'm a little shocked by it that it did have the impact on my body um that I wasn't expecting. Um My muscles have never felt better, I've never felt stronger, I feel more energized. My body just feels awakened. Um and like I said I've been doing yoga for a while so the fact that this workout awakened muscles that I feel like I haven't used before or used that often is quite amazing and I am so excited to do this workout again later on down the line um to awaken my muscles every so often because I feel like this workout pinpoints more of the more of your micro muscles um which then helps build up your target muscle groups um that you usually focus on when you do a workout. So I didn't think 15 minutes a day for seven days would be beneficial for me but it turned out to be a very amazing experience and my body has never felt better. So thank you.

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