Nora K for Interior Design Testimonial Videos

July 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nora & Jim Kzirian

Introduce yourself, and describe your design challenge before hiring Annette Michelle Design Studio.

Nora & Jim Kzirian: Hi, my name is Nora Kazarian and the design challenge that uh we worked on with Annette, um was our, um, our powder room um downstairs at, near our mud room area. And the challenge itself was to determine if it would be a space that leads into um, a new area that we're building. Um And ultimately, um in collaboration with Annette, we talked it through, she was so professional, so easy to work with. Um, and I am very pleased with where we landed for um our bathroom and the, and that concept, um, ultimately, we decide not to make it a pass through. Um, but it was certainly a, a wonderful experience to be able to have somebody that listens and understands, um, the needs of the client and also, um, you know, encourages them to, to take risks, um, that are, you know, always, um, can be nerve wracking, but ultimately, um, she knows what she is doing and we absolutely enjoyed working with her. Thank you, Annette.

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