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July 03, 2023

Annette Michelle Design Studio Client Interior Design Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ken and Maroush Nigon

Introduce yourself, and describe your design challenge before hiring Annette Michelle Design Studio.

Ken and Maroush Nigon: Hi, I'm Kenny. And this is my wife. We hired uh Annette Michelle design to handle a very difficult uh problem we had with our uh primary bedroom. Uh we had to, uh, we had a walk in closet and a very small uh bathroom and we could not figure out how to do it um ourselves. Um, and, but uh Annette and Michelle came up with a great uh solution for us. Uh and the bedroom will be very nice and the, the bathroom will be great. The only problem is that the closet may be a little odd, but it's not a walk in anymore, but it still has plenty of space.

What was it like working with Annette and what was the best part about the process?

Ken and Maroush Nigon: So the, the best part of the process was that initial interview, uh Annette very patiently worked with us, uh asked us very good questions about what we liked, what we didn't like what our goals were and um did not rush us at all and uh understood what we wanted because of that interview. She, she listened, she listened. That's right.

How did the design outcome meet or exceed your expectations?

Ken and Maroush Nigon: The design outcome was fantastic. Uh From our point of view, she came up with a very novel solution to our problems. We will have a nice big shower uh and uh big, big bathroom, plenty of room in the bedroom and some design features that make it really stand out even though the closet is smaller than uh what we have now. Although you say that uh it's the same amount of the space. Um We do have a lot of closet space in the house. So uh that's not gonna be an issue.

If there is anyone watching this video who may be on the fence about hiring her what would you tell them?

Ken and Maroush Nigon: For anyone on the fence about hiring Annette. I would emphasize how well she listens and how uh creative she is in her. What she comes up with the uh very uh uh we, we felt it was well worth uh what we paid for the design simply because we had something that really works well and it looks great. Yeah, the best part is, uh she handed over the design with all the specs and uh suggestions as to where to uh buy each uh of the elements of the design. And um it was a complete service, complete package, complete package.

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