Mika Hamm reasons for joining Animal Behavior College

September 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mika Hamm, ABC Certified Dog Trainer

Mika Hamm: I have lots of reasons for joining Animal Behavior College. As I was getting closer to the end of my Air Force career, I wanted to do something that really was fulfilling something that my heart gravitated towards. And since I was a young girl, dog training has always been something that I was passionate about. Something that I was interested in. If you ask my parents, they will tell you that I used to always teach our dogs different types of tricks. It's just about having fun and interacting with animals and the satisfaction that I get watching them grow and learn new things. So that's one reason. As far as other reasons, I mean, who wouldn't want to work with animals, who wouldn't want to see clients faces light up as their dogs, learn to behave, how to stop jumping, how to stop counter surfing, how to stop barking, things like that Um So, but yeah, the main The main reason was that I was really burnt out from my old career and I was getting ready to retire. So I wanted to do something that was gonna be enjoyable and bearable and, less stress and spending time with animals is always, guaranteed to, bring some kind of fulfillment in my heart, in my opinion.

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