Tom McManus for Animal Behavior College

September 14, 2023

Listen as former #NFL player Tom McManus talks about #animals and #animalcareers.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom McManus, 1995-1999 Jacksonville Jaguars Middle Linebacker

Tom McManus: Hello, my name is Tom McManus. Some of you may remember me roaming the fields for our Jacksonville Jaguars from 1995 through 1999 as their middle Linebacker. I never left town right here at the beach in Neptune Beach, Florida in business for myself. I have a consulting business where I connect people, opportunity and some money and, also on the media, radio, television and podcasts.

Tom McManus: One thing you may not know about me is I am a huge pet lover, dogs, cats, you name it. We've got the animal kingdom here in the McManus household. So I've got a huge passion for that. I also have a good passion for helping people and helping my NFL brethren, maybe find a new line of work, a new purpose and a way to make some extra revenue.

Tom McManus: I was recently introduced to a school that offers educational programs. It's called Animal Behavior College. They offer these courses where you may be able to become an veterinary assistant at a veterinarian office. Work in an animal hospital, maybe a groomer, maybe a trainer. What have you, be around pets? This is a real opportunity to transition into maybe a new career for you and a new passion and also make a good living while doing it.

Tom McManus: I also recently learned that the NFL P A will reimburse all cost, for these programs at ABC. So if you're an active player or a player that has retired within the last five years, absolutely free, no cost to you to take these courses. If you're an old timer like myself, you get a great discounted rate. Regardless if you're active, five years retired or retired a long time ago, like me, you're gonna get the same VIP treatment, the same NFL VIP treatment that you'll, you'll have right there at ABC.

Tom McManus: So if this opportunity interests you find out more information by calling 1-800-795-3294 that's 1-800-795-3294 Or just click on the QR code on this video. Best of luck out there and peace and love to all.

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