Mitch Marrow for Animal Behavior College

September 14, 2023

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Video Transcript

Speaker: Mitch Marrow, Former Carolina Panthers NFL Player

Mitch Marrow: Hey, this is Mitch Marrow. Some of you may recognize it from my days as a defensive end for the Carolina Panthers. But what a lot of people don't know about me is that I'm also a huge, huge animal lover. This is my boy, Bruno over here. He was drooling on my leg. He was very excited for this. After my NFL career ended, I was able to start a pet care business. We did boarding and grooming and training and it really was a dream of mine to be able to work with animals and, make a living doing so.

Mitch Marrow: Having been a pet owner my whole life, growing up with dogs and cats, I can tell you, they have brought so much joy to my life and to my families life. I'm always looking for ways to give some of that back. If I can help a dog or a cat that needs a home, find that forever home. It's always been something that, I've been passionate about. Recently I attended an NFL Alumni chapter meeting and I heard a school present called Animal Behavior College.

Mitch Marrow: At this presentation, I learned about some of the educational programs that are being offered for people who want to work with animals and you can make a great living doing. so which is exciting. If you want to learn how to train dogs or you want to become a groomer, maybe you want to work in a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant, maybe you want to learn how to train cats, which is totally a thing, Then you should check out the programs that Animal Behavior College is offering.

Mitch Marrow: As a former NFL player, I learned that I can take the courses that I want from Animal Behavior College totally for free with the NFL's tuition assistance program. And if you work for a big company like Ford or Fedex or Pepsi or Inova or any of the others that you can look up by just clicking that QR code at the bottom of the video, you can likely do the same. If you love animals and you want to help them and you want to help people that love them, live their best lives, check these courses out.

Mitch Marrow: If you want more information, you can call Animal Behavior College at 1 800 795 3294 That's 1 800 795 3294 Or just click that QR code at the bottom of the video.

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