Erin Sandwick for Animal Behavior College Video Testimonials

September 14, 2023

Animal Behavior college video testimonial #dogtraining

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erin Sandwick, Certified ABC Dog Trainer

Erin Sandwick: My favorite pet that I've ever had has to be my late dog Lucy. That is actually a very tough question. Now I have my one year old puppy, Georgia. Isn't she cute?

Erin Sandwick: My favorite part about Animal Behavior College is the knowledge that I gained, about dog behavior, as well as the hands on training and helping out with rescue dogs.

Erin Sandwick: Now that I graduated Animal Behavior college, I now work for myself. I board dogs, I train dogs. I also got into detection work. My dog works down at the LA Port. I work as an independent contractor.

Erin Sandwick: The reason why I joined the ABC program is I wanted to gain more knowledge about dogs. I've always had a love for dogs since I was a little kid. I did a lot of research on them and they seem like they had very good curriculum. I was extremely happy with it.

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