Courtney Gogarty for Animal Behavior College

September 14, 2023

Animal Behavior College Veterinary Assistant Program

Video Transcript

Speaker: Courtney Gogarty, Veterinary Assistant

Courtney Gogarty: My favorite pet I have ever had was my cat Mr Four By. I've owned lots of cats in the past and he was absolutely my favorite. He was a black, mixed breed Burmese and, he was just so lovable. He'd come up to you and head butt you in the stomach. I named him Mr Four by because he reminded me of a four by truck. He was always whomping over everything and crawling all over everything. But he was absolutely the most amazing cat.

Courtney Gogarty: My favorite part about animal behavior college was definitely the hands on training, the externship. I love the fact that it was set up for me and I didn't have to look for it myself and seeing everything that I learned in the home study, be put to practice in a real clinic and on real animals was amazing. And it was so nice to have a mentor at the vet clinic help me out and guide me. So I'd say definitely the externship was my favorite part about Animal Behavior College's Vet Assistant Program.

Courtney Gogarty: Now that I've graduated Animal Behavior College, I'm working as a certified animal nurse, a vet assistant. I just love saying animal nurse. I'm working at the local vet clinic in my area, Valley Lions pet clinic and I absolutely love it. Best job I ever had. So glad I did this program.

Courtney Gogarty: I joined the ABC Vet Assistant program because I was able to finish the whole thing in less than a year doing it part time. Also, I was really impressed that they had the hands on training the externship and that was already set up for me. I didn't have to find it myself was perfect. It was close by to my house. I could even go on a Saturday. So that was really helpful. And I loved having a teacher assigned to me when I had questions in the online home study. They were available by email by phone and they responded quickly and answered my questions. There's a few more reasons I love the ABC Vet Assistant program. But hose are probably my top three.

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