Candace Mason Video Testimonials

September 14, 2023

Video Testimonials

Video Transcript

Speaker: Candace Mason , Certified ABC Dog Trainer

Candace Mason : My favorite dog that I ever had. Her name was Raven and I got her right after becoming a dog trainer and I called her my project puppy because she had so many problems and I learned to train her and I really, really enjoyed, the whole process because I could see what it was like actually doing everything that I was telling people to do.

Candace Mason : My favorite part about Animal Behavior. College has been the end result. Really. I love being able to make a difference and getting to see pets stay in their homes because of training. You know, it's very, very rewarding, even helping friends and family with their pets. It's just really, really rewarding.

Candace Mason : After graduating ABC, I have become a Dog Trainer. I board and train dogs. I do group classes, private lessons, and some board and trains.

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