June 14, 2022

A 5-minute pitch to convince a prospective student in my community to apply for the Kibo degree program

Video Transcript

good day to everyone. I'm Andrew from Ghana. I'm here to talk to you about the Kibo computer science degree. What is Kibo? Kibo is an edutech educational technology institute based in the US that is seeking to bridge the tech gap skills in Africa. So how are they planning to bridge the tech gap skills? So they are going to do this by building an online university which has already been built. And they are seeking to start or roll out their first program which is a computer science degree program. So that's it, that's it. That's it about Kibo, their edu tech. And they are starting a computer science degree program which is online fully remote. You can join from anywhere in the world. So to the degree computer science degree why computer science. So in in modern times and in current times computer science and its applications, technology and innovation. are what are driving economies today. digital economies, they're helping people do so much with little power, little energy, creating massive revenues and making life simpler for everyone. So why should someone choose to do this program? So for someone in Ghana looking at our traditional universities, some of the private international universities over here looking at what they do offer and what Kibo is willing to offer you. I would say that kibo is something the kibo degree is the one you should try. You should definitely try. So I'll give you some of the reasons why I say this so personally. I've been to a traditional university. I graduated not long ago. No. And I know also how kibo seeks to do this program because I've been a part of their TryKibo cohort, which was a five week program where they rolled out, some like programs, they to show how they are to test out how their degree program will actually be like, so comparing the two and looking at what each one gave me. Yes Kibo is indeed the real deal. So why do I say this? So some of the offerings, Kibo have are mentorships. Yeah, so a mentor is someone who is seeking to guide you through through something and Kibo has partnered with a lot of professionals in the tech industry or in the computer science related fields to help students, guide them through their journey in the university. The 2nd one is they're providing you internships so the kibo degree, is going to span a period of three years, each year has four terms and each term is approximately three months. So after the first three terms in a year you have the last term dedicated to internship, kibo is going to find a place for you to do your internship for three months and you would be working with some top companies where your mentors work. So some of the mentors kibo has partnered with work at places like amazon Microsoft, Hello fresh and you're going to be doing your internship at these places. So by that time you are done with the degree, you know what working at such places feels like you have experience and Yeah, you're good to go. You know what you have to do. So these are some of the things kibo has in-store and then kibo also has has a financial aid provision. So students with difficulties in covering tuition and then uh expenditure, experiences, expenditure provisions can apply for financial aid to do this. So I'll urge. you all. To join the KIBO degree program. Thank you.

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