Tahera-Rafia Kassam for Anderson College of Business and Computer Science DEIB Video Projects Video Testimonials

September 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tahera-Rafia Kassam, Staff; Student

Your Name, what brought you to Regis

Tahera-Rafia Kassam: Hi, my name is Tahera-Rafia Kassam and, uh, I was brought to Regis by my current manager. She used to rock climb at my old job where I used to work. And so, uh, she said that Regis was the fit for me and, uh, she was right and I'm really glad I came.

Chose a word to describe yourself. (e.g., innovator, leader, immigrant, etc.) Why did you choose this word?

Tahera-Rafia Kassam: The word I think best describes me is eternal student. I love to learn. I'm always open to new, experiencing, experiences, learning new things and trying things out differently. I, want to know so much about the world and there's so much to know about people. And the more I learn, the more open minded and welcoming, I can be to those who are ready to teach me about something new.

How does that word fit with you experience at Anderson College of Business and Computer Science?

Tahera-Rafia Kassam: By being an eternal learner. It allows me to excel in my job. I work with predominantly computer science and uh cyber security personnel, professors and faculty. And so to be able to understand their research and what they're doing, it allows by being a student, it allows me to listen and learn from them and then to better serve them in that way. But it also gives me skill sets that I can take out into my everyday life and knowledge that I didn't know I would have had.

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