Mycah Harrold for Anderson College of Business and Computer Science DEIB Video Projects Video Testimonials

September 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mycah Harrold, Assistant Professor; Courage

Your Name, what brought you to Regis

Mycah Harrold: My name is Doctor Micah Harold and I teach marketing in the Anderson College of Business at Regis University. I came to Regis right after completing my phd right after graduate school. And the reason that I was really drawn to the university was that I was looking for a small school where the students um really cared and were, were engaged and ready to learn and cared about making the world a better place.

Chose a word to describe yourself. (e.g., innovator, leader, immigrant, etc.) Why did you choose this word?

Mycah Harrold: The word I'm choosing to describe myself is curious. And the reason I'm choosing this word is I think that it is a strong motivator for me in all aspects of my professional life. Um I am a researcher as well as a professor and I think that some of my greatest joys and my greatest motivation to keep, keep going every day is devising questions and then figuring out how to answer them.

How does that word fit with you experience at Anderson College of Business and Computer Science?

Mycah Harrold: I feel that curiosity um kind of really fits into my experiences in the Anderson College of Business and Computing because of the way that I've noticed my students interacting in the classroom. Um I see that the, the business students are also really curious and want to understand more kind of ask questions. And so it's a lot of fun to teach the students together and um be curious together and figure out how to answer some of our burning questions.

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