Jordan Super-Hill for Anderson College of Business and Computing DEIB Video Projects Video Testimonials

March 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jordan Super-Hill, Alumni; Outgoing

Your Name, what brought you to Regis?

Jordan Super-Hill: Hi, my name is Jordan Super- Hill. I'm a Regis alum, class of 2022. Um, what brought me to Regis was the small community feel I'd grown up going to small schools before and so having that close community feel was what really drew me into come to Regis. Um, I just really wanted to have that close camaraderie feel with both my faculty and other students around me.

Chose a word to describe yourself. (e.g., innovator, leader, immigrant, etc.) Why did you choose this word?

Jordan Super-Hill: A word I would use to best describe me would be outgoing. I'm a huge social butterfly in social settings and always wanting to learn and meet new people and hear their stories. Um in my normal life, I'm just super active, both physically and in events and always seeking to be a part of something or wanting to find something to be a part of. And I think that has really helped in my drive both in my work, work ethic and just in my social life of kind of like seeking to um experience and realize my identity and, and my identity within the world.

How does that word fit with your experience at Anderson College of Business and Computing?

Jordan Super-Hill: I think being the outgoing person that I am has allowed me to make better and strong connections with my professors around me and also with my peers and really shape the experiences that I had. Um I was able to see and learn a lot more being outgoing than if I were to just sit in the background and go through life and go through school, just kind of there. And I really think that that has shaped how I want to be in the future and what job I want to seek. Um And really understanding that, that passion and the ethic and the drive that my everyone else has displayed around me is something that I want to display to others when I get into the workforce.

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