Omi Ruth's Client Testimonial Videos

May 14, 2023

Testing 123

Video Transcript

Speaker: Omi Ruth

“Working with Omi catalyzed my life…” in these ways or “Ancestral Wisdom for Animal Parents helped my dog…” in these ways.

Omi Ruth : Working with absolutely catalyzed my life. I learned how to protect myself. I learned self preservation, and how to empower my shadow. And that was everything that I needed and everything that was missing from my life. I started being able to say no and all the yeses and wonderful things showed up in my life then.

Then describe 1-3 results that you experienced while we were working together.

Omi Ruth : So just this year I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream and go to the Big Island (of) Hawaii. I didn't have any money when I went and yet I was able to stay for a month just out on faith. Um I'm starting to make the most amazing friends who really see me and they're telling me they adore me like right upon meeting me and are very protective and loyal and I've manifested two amazing places to stay for free um just on energy exchange or really just here, I'm just allowed to be and rest. And that has made all the difference in my life.

Ancestral Wisdom 4 Growth Addicts—Mention areas of life that were stuck and then MOVED: financial, spiritual, emotional, relationship etc.

Omi Ruth : So I mentioned travel and I mentioned my home life. One of the biggest areas where I've seen movement is with my family. Um We've just become so loving, so close, and like I said, so loyal and protective, which are the values that, you know, I've always held dear. But I haven't always seen that from my family until I really started to speak up for myself and um talk about my disability and now I really feel loved and seen and taken care of. And so do they!

Lastly: Why do you want others to try my services?

Omi Ruth : I really want others to experience Omi's work because it's just magical when you get connected to yourself and you start to feel like the universe works for you and not like you work for the universe or like anyone else besides you as your highest authority. It's just amazing. Like sometimes I just amaze myself with my ability to pierce through the noise and the confusion and just be my best self for, for me first and then for others and it makes me really happy. So I want to share that with people.

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