Jess Promotes Ancestral Wisdom for Growth Addicts

May 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jess

Working with Omi catalyzed my life in these ways...

Jess: Hi, I'm Jess. I'm an entrepreneur, hair stylist, personal coach for Supreme Self Care to have sustainable success in your life. And when I was working with Omi a few years ago, she inspired me to create my business in a way that left my self care intact. So even though I had velocity with my coaching, I did not lose touch with myself. I was able to maintain a working relationship with several clients across multiple businesses and platforms all at once while moving and building a brand, while also succeeding in my personal life that completely paralleled to the work I was doing with Omi's coaching. So I am so grateful to have this opportunity to recommend her to anyone that is interested to have a sustainable amount of success in their life along with ongoing support, both mentally and spiritually, Omi Ruth's coaching has been a huge wake up call and has lifted so much off of my shoulders for me to personally worry about when going to take action, having new ideas or whether that's reaching out to existing clients. So, thank you.

Then describe 1-3 results that you experienced while we were working together.

Jess: I experienced improvement in my business clientele with how many people that I was seeing in my books show up as new clients. I was also able to capitalize on the clients that I had returning and across multiple platforms where if I had a coaching client, they were also able to become a hair or beauty client.

Ancestral Wisdom 4 Growth Addicts—Mention areas of life that were stuck and then MOVED: financial, spiritual, emotional, relationship etc.

Jess: Where I was stuck in my personal and emotional life was in the area of love and relationship. I was able to grow my business without sacrificing the relationship that I had with a partner. And in the time that I was working with Omi Ruth, I also was able to plan and get married. So planning a wedding, getting married, also buy a house along with growing my businesses. It was a non issue and it was something that moved very quickly in the way of growth in the area that I actually wanted.

Ancestral Wisdom for Animal Parents: What are 3 areas where you saw improvement in your dog. How did life with your dog improve?

Jess: After working with Naomi, I became an animal owner and I was able to adopt a cat.

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