Helene Sanoussi Endorses Ancestral Wisdom for Growth Addicts

May 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Helene Sanoussi

“Working with Omi catalyzed my life…” in these ways or “Ancestral Wisdom for Animal Parents helped my dog…” in these ways.

Helene Sanoussi: My name is Helene Sanoussi and I'm a life coach here in New York City. I'm delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial about working with Omi in 2020 particularly during a challenging time of the pandemic. Omi's remarkable wisdom and expertise in the ancestral field provided me with invaluable support. As I navigated the profound loss of my sister. That year, her compassionate presence and unwavering commitment to my well-being helped me find solace and regain my inner strength. When my sister passed away, suddenly I was engulfed in a state of unshakeable numbing shock. Um I felt as though my whole world had crumbled around me and I struggled to find my footing amidst the overwhelming grief. And during that time Omi entered my life as a guiding light, offering her unwavering support and understanding. Her deep empathy and attentiveness, created a safe space for me to express my pain, my confusion. And my, my sadness; she listened with genuine care. We shared a couple of tears together and provided the, she really provided a compassionate ear. during those moments when the words had failed me. Her ability to truly understand and connect with emotions was a testament of how exceptional her expertise is in the ancestral field. And in my opinion, what truly sets her apart is her generosity in sharing her wisdom, her time, her resources...she guided me through the process of healing and gently introduced me to ancestral practices that honored and celebrated the life of my sister. And through her teaching, she imparted a sense of connection to my roots and my strength, helping me understand the larger tapestry of my family history. And so that, that understanding brought an immense comfort and reminded me of the resilience that flows through my ancestral lineage. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have Omi by my side. Just in life, I know I can always count on her, her wisdom, her expertise, her unwavering support are instrumental in helping me navigate just LIFE. And she certainly helped me find my way back to my place of inner strength. Her dedication to her work is pure, it's genuine and she does care for the people that she assists. She's an extraordinary practitioner. So without a doubt, I will wholeheartedly recommend Omi to anyone who is in need of support, guidance and, and healing. Her wisdom and her compassionate presence, her expertise in the ancestral field is invaluable. And it can definitely bring comfort and solace to those who are experiencing loss uh or who are just in a period of transition, I would say. Thank you!

Then describe 1-3 results that you experienced while we were working together.

Helene Sanoussi: A result that we, that I experience working with Omi was again, finding incredible peace and solace after the transition of my sister into the spirit world, she gave me really understanding about my own lineage and who I was as I was going through this transition and the part that I played in, in, in my family and how that would support me in, in moving in, moving forward. It really supported me also in opening myself up to others who were offering their support. Omi just knew how to care and how to be present for someone how to be present for me. Especially me, I would say because it, I find it hard to share intimately with people. But it was natural with her and I think that's a testament to the work that we also did together.

Ancestral Wisdom 4 Growth Addicts—Mention areas of life that were stuck and then MOVED: financial, spiritual, emotional, relationship etc.

Helene Sanoussi: The area that I, well that I was dealing with was around the passing of my sister and the subsequent chaos that unfolds when somebody passes away. And there were family members that I was not in touch with and that did not want to speak to me and that I did not want to speak with. That Omi was able to explain to me what was happening and ways in which I can support the dynamics of the remaining relationships. Although I did not understand what was going on. And although it was very much in the spiritual realm that the, the movements seemed were happening in my life. And Omi was able to explain and really guide and hold my hand through that journey of understanding the phases of transition and how that impacts not only the immediate loved ones, but really the whole community when somebody passes away.

Ancestral Wisdom for Animal Parents: What are 3 areas where you saw improvement in your dog. How did life with your dog improve?

Helene Sanoussi: I do not have a dog, so I will pass this question.

Lastly: Why do you want others to try my services?

Helene Sanoussi: I would only entrust my dear, dear, dear, beloved friends and family um to seek out Omi's services because she works with integrity, her work has integrity. She's honest in her work, you might not always like what she has to say. She works with the ancestors, so she delivers the message pure and unfiltered. Her knowledge is, is deep. It's also scientifically based. She knows what she's talking about. She's a scholar. Therefore, for anyone who is new to the learning of the ancestral field, it I would entrust them to work with with Omi because I was somebody who did not know anything about it and she was able to guide me so gracefully through the process.

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