Derek Muhney - Testimonial

September 10, 2022

What My Clients Say

Video Transcript

Speaker: Derek Muhney, EVP, Coinsource

Why did you choose Amy Spock Realty Group to help buy or sell your home?

Derek Muhney: I've got to say working with Amy Spock has been um it's been an amazing journey. She represented me um during a pretty tough time in my life going through a divorce and I had to sell my home on short notice. And she stuck by me through the good times as well as the bad and I knew right then and there that she was a very dedicated real estate agent and and talented my home sold for above ask uh and it sold very quickly and I knew that when I was building my next house that there was only one realtor that I was gonna use in this amy. And here I am day of closing of my new home and again, I wouldn't have any other way. Amy's represented me, got a great deal. Um She connected me to all the right people from home inspections to lenders. Uh It was a full soup to nuts, uh white glove service and treatment so highly recommend Amy.

What challenges did you run into that Amy Spock Realty Group helped you sort out?

Derek Muhney: So the question is what challenges did I encounter um that Amy was able to overcome for us? Well uh in this market in DFW, it's pretty rough to find um you know, your your dream home, it was pivoted from such a seller's market to a buyer's, market rates are going like crazy. So um she pointed me in all the right directions to get locked in at a rate that's well below anybody else's right now. Um And she also gave me that confidence, that peace of mind that the home I chose and the neighborhood I chose was the right move. And at the right time. And I've just had peace of mind ever since.

Why would you recommend working with Amy Spock Realty Group to buy or sell a home?

Derek Muhney: why would I recommend working with Amy Spock? Well um if you want a hardworking go getter, Amy's your gal, if you want somebody with a huge networking database. Amy's your gal and you know from the sale of my my last home um it was it was not the easiest and Amy persevered through that and um I just know that if she stood by me with high conflict divorce as well as you know still in my home at a moment's notice and then getting me represented and taking care of it protected with my new home purchase I would recommend Amy to anybody. I do my due diligence with absolutely everything in my life and I feel beyond at peace knowing that Amy represented me with the most important and most expensive purchase I've ever made in my life which is my home uh my my new home now as well and it was just a flawless um partnership so highly recommended me

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