Richard Poulain for Customer Stories

July 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Richard Poulain

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the Ultra Knee Elite™, and describe what you like about it.

Richard Poulain: Hi, my name is Richard. I'm from West Yorkshire in the UK. I bought the knee support because both my right and my left knee, uh, we're beginning to ache. Uh, and every time I tried to stand up or bend down or walk up and down steps, it was aching. The relief knee support is very, very good. I just have one slight problem with it that it's it's you can turn it either way, but the only problem is if you've got a fairly big ish thighs when you put it on and you've had, you've got it the wrong way around, it tends to fall down on your knee.

What positive results have you experienced by using the Ultra Knee Elite™?

Richard Poulain: I find this an excellent product, especially with the two bar supports down on either side of the knee. It's very, very good and gives you the support that you need.

What would you tell people looking to use the product? Would you recommend it?

Richard Poulain: Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. It's very, very supportive of the knees. The only thing I would say is that you should need to make sure that you put it the same way around each time. Because it does, it does tend to get larger because of big thighs, etcetera.

Please describe your overall experience with our company, including ordering, returns, and customer service.

Richard Poulain: Once ordered, the product came extremely quickly. I haven't had to contact customer services and I haven't had to use a refund so the refund services, so I find it very, very good so far.

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