Gabriele L.

July 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gabriele L.

Introduce yourself, tell us how foot pain, Plantar fasciitis, neuropathy has affected you, and describe what a pain free life means to you

Gabriele L.: Hi, my name's Gabrielle and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I don't remember exactly how I found out about these, uh, Sue socks. I think I saw an ad somewhere. Yeah, it was an ad anyway, this is a sooth sock. And, uh, I use it for my planter fasciitis and I can really, really tell the difference when I don't wear them. Um, I have very little pain when I do wear this on my one ft that has the plantar fasciitis and without it, I really, really feel the difference. So, um, thank you, Sue sucks. And that's all for me.

Please refer to SootheSocks by name and tell us what positive results have you experienced by using SootheSocks?

Gabriele L.: Hi, my name is Gabrielle. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I found out about the Sue the Socks Permanent ad I had and, uh, because I have had so much pain with planter fasciitis. I decided to try. So the socks and, um, I have to say that with the, I, to experience very little pain without it. I, I feel so much pain. I have to use a pain. So I try to have, uh, a tea tea all the time and, uh, I, I really do believe in these suicides. So, thank you very much for the opportunity to give my testimonial. It's, um, they do really work. All right. I can.

What would you say to a friend who suffers from joint or muscle pain and was looking to use SootheSocks™? How would you recommend it?

Gabriele L.: What I would say to a friend is, go ahead and try. The suit sucks. Um, they definitely worked for me and I don't know how it works. Uh, but it does work. So give it a try.

Please refer to AmRelieve™ by name and describe your overall experience with our company, including ordering and customer service.

Gabriele L.: So this is the, uh, from AM. Um, I had a good experience with the company. I think they sent it almost immediately. Uh, and because I live in British Columbia, it took a little while to get here, but only because that's the border, there's everything gets scanned at the border. I think they, the problem was not on the US side or from the company, from the Canadian border service. Um, so, yeah, I still got it within about a week and a half and, uh, customer service has been great. Yes. So cool.

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