Sandra Funk at GATHER LA

July 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandra Funk, House of Funk & Interior Design Standard

Sandra Funk: Hi, I'm Sandra Funk. I'm the founder and creative director of House of Funk, my interior design firm that's been open since 2005 and the founder of The interior Design Standard. This is a program that helps interior designers run businesses that are just as incredible from a profit, joy, abundance standpoint as they are beautiful from a design standpoint.

Sandra Funk: It's such an honor to be speaking at, GATHER for ASID. And what we'll be talking about are the three strategies to really transform your business for profit and joy. And we'll be digging in deep on the pricing model that will keep you incredibly profitable and your clients thrilled because they'll completely understand what they're getting into financially. From the very beginning. We'll be talking about sexy systems and how yes systems can be sexy because if they can make you abundant, still have a life and wild profitable. You will think they are sexy too. And last we'll be talking about and creating an incredible client experience. Something that will keep those dream clients that you have coming back for more and shouting from the rooftops, helping you fill your pipeline with more and more incredible dream clients. I'll see you again.

Sandra Funk: Hm. What am I most looking forward to at GATHER LA meeting? All of you. I cannot wait to be in a room with all of these incredible designers, talent from around the globe, right around the country and sharing best practices, learning from one another. It's these conferences, when we really take a step forward, a leap abound, right in our business, we go from kind of being in the everyday to opening our perspectives, learning new things and getting re inspired, which is so incredibly important. I'll see you there.

Sandra Funk: Hey, if you haven't signed up for GATHER LA yet, I would get your booty over there and register right now. It is going to be such an incredible gathering of the brightest and best minds in interior design, collaborating, building community, catapulting your business forward. Um It's these conferences that really take us from where we are kind of fighting the fires in the weeds day to day, right? To really expanding our horizons really um digging into new ideas. Um getting inspired, getting motivated, maybe it's even motivation. That's the most important things that come from these conferences, right? Getting out there, getting into a community, getting to know some new designers, hopefully meeting your besties or bring your tribe and get motivated to take your business to the next level.

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