American Society of Addiction Medicine — FiscalNote Video Testimonial

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Parker Baird, State Advocacy Manager, American Society of Addiction Medicine

What sets FiscalNote apart?

Parker Baird: A few things that stand out to me in my day to day work are the personalized search terms and the daily discovery alerts based on those search terms that FiscalNote generates. It picks up a lot of bills for us at the state level in my work, that we wouldn't otherwise know about if we were not using FiscalNote. Additionally, it sends daily updates regarding committee hearings that are scheduled and also picks up any kind of state regulations that are proposed by regulatory bodies. I think that those features make it an indispensable tool for us and set it apart from a lot of the competitors in the industry

What would you say to leaders undecided about FiscalNote?

Parker Baird: I would strongly recommend FiscalNote as somebody who on a day to day is tracking legislation across about 40 states — 40 of the 50 states. FiscalNote is a really important tool for me to stay up to date on what's being proposed in all those states. And keeping my head above water as far as staying up to date on what's being introduced, what's being proposed, what's being advanced. Receiving daily updates is really important to staying plugged in with what's going on in states. I think that as there are legislative sessions upcoming in January and there's thousands of bills that are introduced, FiscalNote is a really important tool to help you decipher which bills you want to follow, which bills are important to your organization, and then follow those bills from the introductory phase to the phase where they're advancing through committees to the phase where they're appearing before state governors.

Could you describe a time when FiscalNote helped you?

Parker Baird: To name one example, we were looking for ways to eliminate some unnecessary communications between ourselves at national advocacy and our 40 state chapter organizations that we converse with and help conduct their state advocacy operations. And so we use the FiscalNote reports tool to send reports to our most engaged chapter members at the state level. These are automated reports where they receive very similar notifications to the ones that we receive on a daily basis. We still go in and we select which legislation that we're adding to our issues and that we're regularly tracking. But instead of us having to directly contact these members about legislation that they might be interested that we're tracking, we eliminated that step entirely using FiscalNote reports. Now these members just directly receive these reports in their emails

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