Elsie Koh, MD MHL FSIR-Welcome Video to PAD Patients Prior to Consult

June 07, 2022

Welcome video PAD

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elsie Koh, MD MHL FSIR

Welcome the patient to the practice and provide information about your experience.

Elsie Koh, MD MHL FSIR: Hello there. My name is Dr Elsie Koh I'm the Chief Medical Officer for American Endovascular and I welcome you to our practice. I understand that you've made an appointment and you've made a great decision and we're going to talk to you a little bit about this on this welcome video.

What should the patient experience during a consultation for any of our services?

Elsie Koh, MD MHL FSIR: When you come to our offices, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of our staff, our nurse practitioners or doctors, and you're going to be able to see the office and see what it is that we do. That might be different from what you've seen or heard about and really make sure you feel assured that you're in good hands when you come here.

Why is it important that the patient comes in for a consultation?

Elsie Koh, MD MHL FSIR: It's really important that you come in for the consultation so that we can meet you really understand what you've been going through, help you make the right decision and and really lay out all the options that you have, bring in any paperwork that you might have, any images or cds that we can look at and we can talk about it and make sure that you feel comfortable making the right decisions and even speaking to your physicians if you want us to.

Thank you for choosing American Endovascular!

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