Welcome Video to Patients Prior to UFE Consult

May 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elsie Koh

Welcome to American Fibroid Centers!

Elsie Koh: Welcome to American Fibroids Center. My name is Dr. Elsie Koh I'm the Chief Medical Officer for American Fibroid Centers and I want to let you know you've come to the right place. You've come in here probably because you want some answers to questions. You want to find the most minimally invasive way, the least painful way of treating your fibroids. Not everyone knows all the different options out there. So you've come to the right place. I'd like to introduce you to our practice.

What should the patient experience during a consultation for any of our services?

Elsie Koh: So what should you expect when you come to our centers? Well, we're ready to help you answer any questions specific to you By now you might have done some research on uterine fibroid embolization and we'd like to find out what it is that you've been experiencing, see any images that you might have and bring them in. Any reports, any medications that you're on, any history of what you've been through so far, maybe with your OBGYN and really talk it through to figure out what's the next step for you?

Why is it important that the patient comes in for a consultation?

Elsie Koh: Why is it important for you to come in to see us during the consultation? We would really like to you know not only get to know you but you get to know us. Let us explain to you what uterine fibroid embolization or UFE Is all about. Why is it minimally invasive? Why is it going to allow you to return to work much quicker than if you had surgery in the hospital? How it's going to avoid you even going to the hospital and you're recovering at home. And what does that mean? There's a lot of patients out there who don't even know this option. Unfortunately the way our healthcare works sometimes patients don't get all the options and we like to lay it out for you. Even if you decide not to have you UFE with us its fine. We'd like to make sure that you have all your options before you make a decision.

Thank you for honoring us with your care!

Elsie Koh: So I want to thank you for choosing American Fibroid Centers to care for you. We know you have a lot of choices out there and it could be very confusing. I want you to know as Chief Medical Officer. We pick and choose each and every one of our physicians to make sure they're highly qualified. They're seasoned. Doctors are compassionate with their care and we're ready to serve you. Our entire team works together to help our patients feel very comfortable. And I want to assure you come to the right place. We look forward to seeing you!

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