Theresa Iandimarino for Employee Testimonials

May 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Theresa Iandimarino

Please state your name, your title/division, and your role in the company.

Theresa Iandimarino: Hello, My name is Theresa Yandy Marino, and I'm the regional sales manager at American Endovascular. The role of our team of territory managers is business development and building awareness in the community.

Please share a few reasons why you are motivated in your role.

Theresa Iandimarino: I love working at american Endovascular, and it's so motivating to know that each and every day we can make a direct impact on saving lives and improving the quality of life of our patients. And you see a real difference in our physicians and all of our employees that they truly treat every patient as if it's their own family.

Please share a few things about working with your sales team at American Endovascular.

Theresa Iandimarino: I really enjoy working with the sales team and supporting their efforts as they educate healthcare professionals and are working as advocates for their patients and their practices. And it's really rewarding to see as they build relationships that they truly have become trusted advisors in the community.

Please explain how you CARE (Commitment, Accountability, Relationships, Excellence) in your role.

Theresa Iandimarino: commitment, accountability, relationships and excellence are the company mission, but truly the mission of the sales team as we go out every day and educate and build awareness and you know, work as advocates for all the patients out there that don't know about the services that are available to them. And it's really great as we build relationships with so many health care professionals and facilities that see us as an extension of their practice and doing everything possible and taking the urgent phone calls and facilitating getting patients scheduled very quickly. Um it just builds the relationships and it's just an extension of the excellent service that American Endovascular is a company and as a team provides.

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