Raymond Figueroa-CEO Testimonials

May 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Raymond Figueroa

Please state your name, your title/division, and your role in the company.

Raymond Figueroa: Hello this is Ray Figueroa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Endovascular and Amputation Prevention.

Please share a few reasons why you are motivated in your role.

Raymond Figueroa: I'm really motivated by American Endovascular's ability to change the health care system and the delivery of care to our patients. I am really motivated by the ability of changing lives, changing the lives of our doctors, changing the lives of our associates, and really changing the lives of our patients, Focusing on peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischemia allows us to save limbs and save lives.

Please share a few things about working with your sales team at American Endovascular.

Raymond Figueroa: I love working with our sales team. Its leader, Michelle, loves to push every day to its limits. i.e me doing this video. She knows I don't like this and yet I'm doing it. I digress. As you know, our sales team is the lifeline of american endovascular. They are the direct liaison between our centers in the community at large. I am very excited that we are fully staffed and that we have a momentum back. Thank you.

Please explain how you CARE (Commitment, Accountability, Relationships, Excellence) in your role.

Raymond Figueroa: As the Chief executive officer of American Endovascular, I have to exemplify care commitment. The organization must be committed to meeting the goals and objectives of the organization, providing the best patient care possible accountability. We all must be accountable to each other and making sure that the day to day tasks are done so that we can meet our annual goals and objectives and we can provide the best patient care relationships. To me. This is the utmost importance. I would like to say delight. We must delight each other, we must delight our customers starting with each other. We must delight our referring community. We must delight our patients. And what I mean by delight is to meet or exceed people's expectations and we really must focus on providing the best outcomes possible. Excellence is really the essence of everything that we do. We must provide the best patient care with the best outcomes possible. If we can do it better than everyone else, we will not be successful.

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