Mohamed Hamed for Employee Testimonials

May 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mohamed Hamed

Please state your name, your title/division, and your role in the company.

Mohamed Hamed: Hello. My name is Mohamed Hamed and I am a territory manager in Queens for american Endovascular. My job is to bring in patients through physician referrals and through the community, um helping access for the patients who really need it.

Please share a few reasons why you are motivated in your role.

Mohamed Hamed: I'm very motivated in this role for multiple reasons, the most being helping patients get the access to the care that they need no matter where they are, um, just letting their physicians know that we provide these specialized services and that we could help out. I really enjoyed that. I'm especially motivated when I build relationships with physicians and I, uh, keep them updated, develop a working relationship. It's a lot of fun. Um, I'm also motivated to make a name for myself within the organization, to prove myself as a valuable asset and um, to rise up in ranks and, and, you know, move on to the next stage of my career.

Please share a few things about working with your sales team at American Endovascular.

Mohamed Hamed: Working with the sales team at American Endovascular has been great. There's great teamwork within the department, working inside sales, working with territory managers and other boroughs. There's great communication between everyone. We get great direction from leadership and also great support. And that's what's important in sales.

Please explain how you CARE (Commitment, Accountability, Relationships, Excellence) in your role.

Mohamed Hamed: Highway care. I'm committed. I'm committed to helping doctors and patients of the community get the best vascular care that they can receive accountability. I'm accountable for a smooth transition of patient care building trust with the community doctors and the community in general. The patients relationships I build and maintain relationships on behalf of american endovascular, the physicians leadership. Um, everyone and I represent the organization the best I can everywhere I go, Excellence and make sure that the patient and the providers experience is an excellent one doing anything and everything I can to ensure that both the patient and the doctor doctor are comfortable with the care.

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