Michelle Gregg-VP Sales & marketing Employee Testimonials

May 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michelle Gregg

Please state your name, your title/division, and your role in the company.

Michelle Gregg : Hi, my name is Michelle. I am the VP of Sales and Marketing for American Endovascular. I oversee the field sales team, the inside sales team, the advertising and the marketing for the organization.

Please share a few reasons why you are motivated in your role.

Michelle Gregg : I am motivated each and every day to come to work because of people truly helping patients is a passion and seeing the incredible people that we have in this organization, making it happen to get these patients in the door each and every day it takes a team and we've got such amazing staff that works together for every single patient, from the field sales team to the inside sales team, to our amazingly talented, gifted doctors, to the staff that support them, each and every day, in the centers, to our, our corporate staff, in our glen rock office, everybody has a part in every single patient that we are so honored to care for. And it motivates me to do what we do because I think of the alternative and what will happen to these patients if they don't get in the hands of our amazing doctors and for that. I value each and every person in this company for how they contribute to patients, finding us getting in the door to us and getting the care that they need.

Please share a few things about working with your sales team at American Endovascular.

Michelle Gregg : I love working with our sales team. They are truly the best. The inside sales reps. The field sales reps. They work together to create awareness, to create awareness in our community, to drive you know, the right patients that we can help through education and communication and account management to referral sources in their communities, to build awareness as a business builder of these vascular practices. It's not easy and they do the hard work and I am so honored to have each and every one of them on the sales team. And we, as an organization know that we can't help the patients that were helping if it weren't for them. So thank you.

Please explain how you CARE (Commitment, Accountability, Relationships, Excellence) in your role.

Michelle Gregg : how do I care? Well I care. number one about patient lives and about showing up to work every day with commitment. I am committed to do the best job I can to build a successful sales and marketing divisions so that we can help patients. I'm committed to the organization and the staff that make it happen every day. And I'm committed to um continuing to provide excellence on the business end of this organization so we can grow and help more patients. I um when we talk about accountability, you know it's very important to be accountable for your role in the company. And that accountability translates to patient care and representation in the most professional way to our communities and our referral partners. And that leads to relationships. We internally and externally the most professional relationships are the most highly respected relationships and if you build trust with your team and with the referral partners that we have and in the community it translates to improving patient lives and that is also through excellence um having excellent patient care and excellent business representation will only allow us to expand this organization and how more patients across the country. So I care about American Endovascular and Amputation Prevention, making an impact in healthcare overall. and in the patient lives that we serve

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