Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO for Employee Testimonials

May 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO

Please state your name, your title/division, and your role in the company.

Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO: Hello there, my name is dr l c CHo and I'm the Chief medical Officer of American Endovascular and Amputation Prevention.

Please share a few reasons why you are motivated in your role.

Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO: I truly am grateful to be in this role, representing strong employees with a diverse background, very talented in so many respects doctors who know how to do things that is just not out there in the community. How we're really helping the community and the patients who don't have any other options. It's just a wonderful place to be great leadership and, of course, Ray.

Please share a few things about working with your sales team at American Endovascular.

Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO: I've truly enjoyed working with the sales team. My experience has been positive every time, uh, not only with the energy that you guys have, but unbelievable culture, cohesiveness and what you'd want to see in a high performing organization. So thank you for what you do. We appreciate it more than you think, and more that you might see. You're going out there and representing us as physicians and clinicians, providers and um, really doing the job that's needed to for us to be heard so we can deliver. So thank you.

Please explain how you CARE (Commitment, Accountability, Relationships, Excellence) in your role.

Elsie Koh MD MHL CMO: what care represents to me and our core values is also my core values. So I am committed to this organization S E M. O and making sure that we're delivering and we're bringing the resources to the providers that's needed for them to succeed to be part of this growing team, not only with sales but operations and clinicians, providers, staff, front desk building everyone. I'm committed to that and I'm accountable to you as you are accountable to me, it goes both ways. We're out to build, build relationships. Relationships is key. Without that we don't have anything. We can take away the buildings, we can take away the sea arms, we could take away the medical equipment if it's not the relationships that we're building and the networks, not only amongst ourselves but outside, we don't have anything and excellence is what we're about. We provide care up and beyond what's out there and we always want to make sure we're doing the best that we can. So thank you everyone. I appreciate being your CMO. I'm grateful to be and humbled to be in this role and I thank you for what you do

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