Joan Miravite for Jonas Scholars Video Testimonial

August 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joan Miravite

What does being a Jonas Scholar mean to you?

Joan Miravite: To me, being a Jonas Scholar means that I am part of an elite group of leaders who impact health care and elevate the profession of nursing.

What impact did the Jonas Scholars program have on your nursing career?

Joan Miravite: The Jonas Scholar program has opened many, many doors for me. It has catapulted my career and role as a leader, clinician, advocate, and educator at the national level.

How would you describe the Jonas Scholars community?

Joan Miravite: I would describe the Jonas Scholar community as leaders who are supportive, innovative, motivated, and inspirational.

What advice would you give to a new Jonas Scholar?

Joan Miravite: The advice I would give to a new Jonas Scholar is to join your local, regional, and national nursing organizations, publish, present, and build your network. Continue to advance the nursing profession.

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