Dr. Varsha Singh for Jonas Scholars Video Testimonial

August 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr Varsha Singh DNP, APN, Nea-BC

What does being a Jonas Scholar mean to you?

Dr Varsha Singh DNP, APN, Nea-BC: Hello, I'm Visa. Sing, a doctoral prepared nurse practitioner. Being a Jonas Scholar means I'm proud and I'm really honored to receive the Jonas Scholarship when I was pursuing my doctoral degree. It makes me feel that I am special as Jonas selected me to be the Jonas Scholar and I'm thankful.

What impact did the Jonas Scholars program have on your nursing career?

Dr Varsha Singh DNP, APN, Nea-BC: The impact of Jonas Scholars program was really great for me. I'm an immigrant and I came to this country with dreams. When I started my doctoral program, the very first time I heard that I am successful in achieving Jonas Scholarship, I I was excited. That's because I could pursue my dream without worrying about the finances that are required. It was not just the financial support, but there was support by mentors, experts and national leaders that I interacted with. It developed my sense of leadership. It also provided me a fundamental foundation on which I could stand and expand my growth. So it did make a great impact. Today. I have the confidence, I have the experience, and I have the expertise that I pursued during my doctoral program. So thank you Jonas Scholars program.

How would you describe the Jonas Scholars community?

Dr Varsha Singh DNP, APN, Nea-BC: If I have to talk about the Jonas Scholars community, I would think about friends, supporters, philanthropists, and those who have the sense of gratitude. Yes, we are thankful. That's because we received such a wonderful support towards our doctoral program. We are here to support incoming Jonas Scholars and share our knowledge, our expertise, and our experience. So Jonas community is one close-knit community of nursing professionals who are here to help other nursing professionals and the communities.

What advice would you give to a new Jonas Scholar?

Dr Varsha Singh DNP, APN, Nea-BC: So hello. If you are incoming new Jonas Scholar, then I must tell you that there is so much excitement waiting for you as a Jonas Scholar, you will be attending conferences, you might be presenting, you will be networking, you will be creating projects, and while you are pursuing your doctoral program, you will network with experts, researchers, national nurse leaders, and you will be able to speak, you will be able to share your ideas, and I cannot tell you how many opportunities are out there for you. And don't hesitate to reach out to the Jonas Scholars alumni because you will also become the alumni to become part of our community and then continue to serve the community at large. That's what the nursing professionals do. We are here to make it better for everyone around us. That's what Jonas Scholars do. So welcome aboard.

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