2023 GNSA Conference Speaker Highlights - Dr. Sarah Manacek

August 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Manacek

Please briefly introduce yourself. Tell us your name and title.

Sarah Manacek: Hello, my name is Sarah Manchek and I'm the Director of Simulation Education and a clinical assistant professor at the University of Vermont. This year, I'm also the GNSA Digital Innovators program facilitator.

In a few sentences, what will you be speaking about at the 2023 GNSA Conference?

Sarah Manacek: At the 2023 GNSA conference. I'll be speaking about the role of the nurse in the age of digital health and artificial intelligence. I'll also be introducing the digital innovators program.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2023 GNSA Conference?

Sarah Manacek: I am looking forward to networking, learning and being present in person with everyone at AACN and GNSA. I've attended a lot of remote conferences lately and I'm really looking forward to spending time with colleagues in person.

What advice do you have for graduate nursing students as they get ready to step into the next phase of their nursing career.

Sarah Manacek: Well, I struggle with impostor syndrome. And when I started teaching at a large university, the big, big class sizes were very intimidating. But I found that genuine connection and, honestly, just being me in all that I am was what students and my colleagues responded to the most. So if you feel that imposter syndrome starting to creep in, just remember that you got here because you're you and that is why you'll be successful.

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