2023 GNSA Conference Speaker Highlights - Dr. Ali Tayyeb

August 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb

Please briefly introduce yourself. Tell us your name and title.

Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb: My name is Ali Tayyeb and I am an associate adjunct professor at the UCL A School of Nursing. And I am also the chief research consultant for military and veterans affairs for Los Angeles County.

In a few sentences, what will you be speaking about at the 2023 GNSA Conference?

Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb: The topic I'm gonna be presenting on at this conference is going to be how to build your professional brand. The purpose behind this is primarily to ensure that you are successful. as you look in your own professional portfolios and your own professional work and how to make sure that information is out there with your name attached.

What are you most looking forward to at the 2023 GNSA Conference?

Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb: One of the things I'm going to be covering in my presentation is going to be the power of networking. So for this conference, I'm really looking forward to networking with all of you and ensuring that you have my information and I have yours because you never know when we'll have opportunities to collaborate on future projects.

What advice do you have for graduate nursing students as they get ready to step into the next phase of their nursing career.

Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb: As you start your next phase of your professional career, just know you don't have to do this alone. There's many of us out there that are more than happy to collaborate with you and to give you ideas, give you advice or even sit down with you and try to problem solve. So just know your next steps, don't have to be done alone and in isolation, please reach out and find someone that can actually mentor you through a process.

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