elizabeth matzkin for #VOTE4SOP

May 08, 2023

Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, M.D., FAAOS urges AAOS Members to vote for the upcoming AAOS SOP Bylaws amendment.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, FAAOS, #VOTE4SOP

Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, FAAOS: Hi, I'm Elizabeth Matkin from Mass General Brigham in Boston, Massachusetts. The AAOS wants to add the words harassment and bullying to the current AAOS Standards of Professionalism. That is it! It would be an embarrassment not to support this. The amendment is an effort to emphasize and make it even more clear that this sort of conduct is not acceptable in our profession. We need to support forward progress on these issues to ensure a fair and safe professional culture for all. So please support and vote. YES.

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