Michael Bosse -- AAOS 2023 Award Recipient Video V.2

March 05, 2023

Michael J. Bosse MD, FAAOS, on behalf of the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC), accepts the 2023 Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Bosse, MD

Michael Bosse, MD: I'm Michael Bosse, I'm an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon and and I'm the Emeritus Clinical Chair of the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium, also known as METRC.

Michael Bosse, MD: METRC is very honored to receive this Kappa Delta Award. We think this award represents a recognition of a significant effort by all parties involved with the METRC consortium that engaged patients in over 35 studies in more than 82 centers in North America. METRC was initiated more than 12 years ago, with visions from the Department of Defense and the Academy to create a collaborative research consortium that would address the most challenging issues facing both the wounded warrior and civilian trauma patients. I think recognizing the efforts with this award is a testament to the efforts of the investigators and a thanks to the patients that participated in all of our studies.

Our consortium needs to recognize the vision and leadership of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and, in particular, the Department of Defense. Together, more than 12 years ago, were visionary in their recognition of the need for a large collaborative consortium that could explore the difficult challenges facing both the wounded warriors and civilian patients with severe extremity trauma. In addition to thanking the Academy, the OTA, and the DOD, we also need to recognize the wounded warriors and the civilian patients that agreed to participate in our studies and their families that helped and assisted them to make all of their study visits. And lastly, we need to recognize the research coordinators and research assistants at our 82 sites that did all of the groundwork to make our studies successful.

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