Mark Myerson -- AAOS 2023 Award Recipient Video V2

March 05, 2023

Mark S. Myerson, MD, FAAOS accepts the 2023 AAOS Humanitarian Award

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Myerson, MD, FAAOS

Mark Myerson, MD, FAAOS: Hello, I'm Mark Myerson. I'm the President and Founder of Steps2Walk We are a global humanitarian organization that provides care for children and adults with disabling foot and ankle deformities in underserved regions of the world. And at the same time we educate the regional orthopedic population in the management of these rather complex problems.

Mark Myerson, MD, FAAOS: You know, I've done a lot during my career, both professionally and academically, but these accomplishments don't mean nearly as much as this humanitarian award does. It's the culmination of decades of work in service, community service and ultimately humanitarian work.

Mark Myerson, MD, FAAOS: Running an organization of this size, look, we're working in 19 different countries in on the ground humanitarian programs. This is not easy. And obviously I could not accomplish this on my own. We have a Board of Directors, we have a Medical Advisory Board and in particular, my wife, Dr Shuyuan Li, who is also an Orthopaedic Surgeon and who is the Director of our International Programming, have all made substantial contributions to the success of this organization.

Mark Myerson, MD, FAAOS: I've always believed that humanitarian service is not an option, but it should be our obligation. But we are blessed by opportunity In the Western world. These experiences on humanitarian programs are uplifting, emotional rewarding, gratifying, and I can promise you will be a life changing experience for any of you who engage in humanitarian service.

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