AAOS 2023 Program Feature - Jose A. Taveras, MD

January 13, 2023

Hear AAOS International and Annual Meeting Committee Member Jose Taveras, MD, discuss the Spanish-Language Track taking place during AAOS 2023, March 7-11 in Las Vegas.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jose A. Taveras, MD, International & Annual Meeting Committees

Jose A. Taveras, MD: My name is Jose Taveras I'm an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee reconstruction. I reside and practice in the Dominican Republic.

Jose A. Taveras, MD: The Spanish language sessions that will be offered at the meeting in Las Vegas in 2023 at the Academy meeting are the result of hard work from the International Committee and taking into consideration the requests that have been made over the years from the different orthopaedic communities in Latin America and Spanish speaking countries that have always felt the need for these sessions in their native language in order to benefit from all the excellent academics that are offered at the meeting.

Jose A. Taveras, MD: We are very excited that we are going to have these Spanish language sessions. We have a very big Latin American and Spanish speaking participation at the meeting. And we are catering to these orthopaedic surgeons. The topics that will be given are top-notch, interesting, up-to-date evidence-based information and in their language. So we highly recommend that we have full participation at these ICLs ICLs And we're really looking forward to having a full house at each and every one of these sessions.

Jose A. Taveras, MD: The 2023 Academy meeting in Las Vegas is going to be a great event. As usual, it's going to be full of top-notch academics with current evidence-based orthopaedic advancements. I think the fact that we have Spanish sessions is going to be a plus and it's going to cater to a large community of orthopaedic surgeons that participate from Latin America and Spanish speaking countries. Also, the fact that it's going to be held in Las Vegas, which is a very interesting town. Many activities, interesting activities to be done. Something that I would highly recommend is OrthoDome. OrthoDome - please remember that. Look it up and participate. I think you're going be very gratified by participating.

Jose A. Taveras, MD: My advice for any orthopaedic surgeon participating of the Academy meeting for the first time, especially if they're international travelers, is that they plan ahead. So they need to plan their traveling and where they're staying. But in in regards to the meeting itself, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the activities that are occurring throughout the week. So I highly recommend that you plan ahead. Choose the sessions that you would like to participate in. And the best way to do that is by using the application available online for the Academy meeting. It's called My Academy app. So I would highly recommend that you visit the Academy web page or you go on Google Play or Apple Store and look for the application, download it and start to schedule your activities during the meeting. In this way you're going to take advantage of your time and be able to distribute time adequately. It can be a bit overwhelming but it's going be a great experience.

Jose A. Taveras, MD: I'm glad to inform that I will be a moderator of a Spanish language ICL. I'm proud to participate in this activity as a moderator. And I look forward to many years of Spanish language events throughout the meeting.

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