AAOS 2023 Award Recipient Video - Marc Philippon, MD, FAAOS

March 07, 2023

Marc Philippon, MD, FAAOS accepts the 2023 OREF Clinical Research Award for validating and advancing hip arthroscopy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marc Philippon, MD, FAAOS

Marc Philippon, MD, FAAOS: Hi, my name is Marc Philippon. I'm from Vail, Colorado and part of the Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute. I'm truly honored and humbled to have received the 2023 Clinical Research Award from OREF I want to thank my family, my patients and my team here in Vail who have helped me achieve this goal. I'm hoping that we continue to make great progress in our field and continue to help as many patients as we can. Once again, Thank you very much for this great award.

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