AAOS 2023 Faculty Feature Video - Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS

January 17, 2023

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS will moderate Career Development Session 3 - The Pregnant Orthopaedic Surgeon: An Evidence-Based Approach on March 7 during the AAOS 2023 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS, Moderator, Career Dev. 3 - The Pregnant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: Hi, I'm Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, a hip and knee surgeon at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: I'll be moderating the Career Development session called, The Pregnant Orthopaedic Surgeon, an Evidence-Based Approach. This session contains an overview of a variety of topics regarding the pregnant orthopaedic surgeon, ranging from fertility concerns, occupational hazards like radiation and PMMA and PMMA and PMMA exposure, tips for pregnancy and workplace ergonomics, and postpartum concerns, such as parental leave, lactation and surviving as a new parent.

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: There are many myths and fears surrounding being pregnant as an orthopaedic surgeon. Our goal is to provide evidence-based advice to provide clarity. This session is relevant to trainees and attending orthopaedic surgeons of all genders. It will provide valuable information about the logistics of pregnancy and returning to work during residency, starting a family in early practice, and how to support pregnant trainees and colleagues.

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: Pregnancy as an orthopaedic surgeon is an exciting time and not something to hide or be scared about. Occupational hazards, such as radiation and chemical exposures exist, but can be anticipated and managed with planning and communication. Returning to work in the postpartum period is challenging. So be kind to yourself and your postpartum colleagues and don't forget the snacks.

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: This session is relevant to all medical students, residents and attending surgeons, as well as orthopaedic allied health professionals. In other words, it's relevant to everyone!

Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD FAAOS: We encourage you all to attend this session, either to plan for your own future or to learn how to support your pregnant colleagues. Hope to see you there, bring snacks.

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