Alex Jahangir -- AAOS 2023 Award Recipient Video v2

March 05, 2023

Amir Alex Jahangir, MD, FAAOS, accepts the 2023 AAOS William W. Tipton, Jr., MD Leadership Award

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alex Jahangir, MD, FAAOS

Alex Jahangir, MD, FAAOS: I'm Dr Alex Janhangir, an Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where I also serve as Vice Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of the Division of Orthopaedic Trauma.

Alex Jahangir, MD, FAAOS: Throughout my career, I have been so fortunate to have mentors that have shown me the importance of leading and the work it takes to be a leader, not only in the clinic but in the community and through national organizations such as the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and residency, Dr Terry Canale Dr Jim Beattie and Dr Fred Azar everyday encouraged me to seek these opportunities. I then was fortunate in a Fellowship to be mentored by Dr Dick Kyle and Dave Templeman and Dr Andy Schmidt leaders who every day gave to both their patients, their trainees and to the organizations for which they were a part of. I then had the very unique opportunity to be in the Academy's Leadership Fellows Program to be mentored by Dr Joseph Zuckerman and Dr Mitch Harris -- two individuals who, to this day, I will call when I need advice on how to approach really tough decisions. And every day of my job at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, I'm surrounded by colleagues who support my endeavors and by mentors such as Dr Rick Wright, who to this day will always give me an opportunity to to do more than just be a doctor and to really be a leader in our community and our medical center and to these individuals and so many people I work with, every day I will forever be grateful for having the opportunity to serve my community in the Covid Task Force Chair role and now to be able to be a winner of this award

Alex Jahangir, MD, FAAOS: I am extremely grateful for my colleagues and to the Academy for this recognition This honor. It is truly one of the most humbling things I could ever imagine. And I hope that I will continue to serve our community and to continue to serve our patients.

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