2024 Call for Abstracts Promo

February 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Misc.: The AAOS The AAOS The AAOS The AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco February 12th through 16th, 2024 San Francisco February 12th through 16th, 2024 The AAOS The AAOS The AAOS Annual Meeting is the largest get together of orthopaedic surgeons in the world. There's so much here during the course of the week and there's always something going on. The educational opportunities are amazing. This is the place where instructors go to meet other instructors and to instruct other people. AAOS AAOS AAOS is a trusted leader. We trust them, we know they vet their sources, we know that the education that they give us has been validated. I really have enjoyed the orthopaedic video theater, the poster tours as well as the very well organized poster session. I'm actually excited about the ICLs ICLs, the instructional course lectures. I do a lot of work with diversity, so I was presenting on some ICLs on that. some ICLs on that. some ICLs on that. For myself, I'm also presenting, but it's also an opportunity for learning the latest current technology to help improve my patients' outcomes. I use this as a way to check in so I don't get lost in my private practice and not be in touch with the instructors and what the new trends are. So to me it's like coming back home, it's a grounding experience. This is the meeting in the world to come and find out what's what. If I was asking someone why they wanted to come here and present it would be because it's an international audience. I think it's the best platform for you to present on, and for the fellowship as well. you to present on, and for the fellowship as well. You meet a lot of people, you learn a lot of different things by being here. I know research takes a lot of hard work and when you're done you want to show it off. And this is a great platform for sharing your research to the largest audience at any orthopaedic surgery meeting in the year. When an attendee is there at one of our meetings at one of our instructional courses or symposia. And you can see them sort of shaking their head in the audience on some points that are made from the podium, some interactive discussion. You feel like you have that great connection in terms of something I've learned and to be able to pass that on so that we can improve our craft of orthopaedics. That's what it's all about.

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