Alyssa's Experience with Boho Beautiful Official

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alyssa Bartle

How has Boho Beautiful Official benefited your daily yoga or meditation practice?

Alyssa Bartle: I honestly didn't have a daily yoga meditation practice before. And boho beautiful changed my entire outlook on yoga practice and with the daily practice, my patience increased with my kids. my life changed dramatically. Thank you.

How has Boho Beautiful Official impacted your mental and physical well-being?

Alyssa Bartle: Mentally, I'm more calm on a daily basis. I don't let other people's emotions affect mine as much. physically I'm able to kind of keep that strength, in my core and my upper body. Since I, I do play soccer and it helps keep my lower body stretched out. And so I don't have as many in injuries, that I normally do.

How do you prefer to use Boho Beautiful Official, and how often?

Alyssa Bartle: I have a special place in my house that I do yoga and I'm able to just turn on, you know, any video I'd like to use the calendar apps. so for each day I just go through and pick that day's, you know, yoga meditation, and pull it out whenever I get, you know, 20 minutes, 30 minutes during the day. I try to do it in the morning but if I can't get it in before work then, I end up doing it before bed.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend Boho Beautiful Official to a friend?

Alyssa Bartle: The number one reason that I would recommend Boho. Beautiful to a friend is because it is so geared towards anybody. Like it is just so compa compatible for any lifestyle. And it helps you get the correct form and posture when you're doing those positions, even though you're not doing them in a, a physical classroom, per se, but you know, the instruction is there. And again, the convenience of having it on my phone, being able to pull it out wherever I am, whether I'm traveling or I'm just at home. It's just so easy.

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