Introduction to Vocal Video

July 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: David Shay

What is this cool video format and how can my team use it?

David Shay: So now it's time for the big reveal where I have to admit that this is largely a commercial uh for the very format that you're watching. Sort of meta, I suppose. And so this is something that we found called Vocal Video. Uh It allows the real simple creation of thought, leadership or communication videos. There's so many different ways it can be used. Some ideas I have are for for employees to introduce themselves to each other. I'm going to sort of put that together. But certainly for teams to introduce what they do to the other teams and to sort of break through some of the silos that build up because we're such a remote company. So I've been sharing the idea with the leadership team. We're working on some ideas but certainly wanted to sort of crowdsource some enthusiasm and some ideas for it. Really all the formatting that you see and all that is already plugged in. You come, it's just a link that you get and gives you your three or four questions as prompts. And you just speak, I'm using my iphone to record this. You can do it with your computer. You can take shots at it and hit if you don't like the way it turns out, hit retake and do it again. But really it's very simple and all you have to do, I would send you the link would have embedded all the questions that you've already decided that you want, that you want to address. And it's real, it's real simple and, real fun. So, the bottom line is, think about it. Certainly to managers, think about how your team could use it, how you might want to use it internally to your team or to introduce your team, like I said to the rest of the company, or to just to move conversations forward, it doesn't have to be anything formal. So anyway, like I said, I just wanted to introduce this to you. There'll be more on it in the future, but wanted to sort of show off the shiny cool result and get everyone sort of at least leaning forward on it. Anyway, thanks so much for your time. And uhopefully the next videos you see will be either of your other co-employees, of your managers, the leadership team. We'll see where it goes. Thanks so much.

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