Jeremy Sycks Client Testimonial Videos

May 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeremy Sycks, NLP Trainer & Master Life Coach

Introduce yourself and briefly explain how Alpha Energy Method helped you.

Jeremy Sycks: Hi, I'm Jeremy Sykes. Uh I'm the owner of believe build conquer dot com and also with one academy Jackson, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I started working with Zach and the Alpha Energy Method about two years ago. Uh I was 45 years old, uh about £200. I was doing ok, but I just didn't have the optimum energy I was looking for and I really needed that not only for my business but for my exercise. And uh Zach hooked me up with some really amazing plans. I was able to get better nutrition plans, better sleep plans and also great exercise to integrate into my Brazilian jujitsu and my normal workouts for my business. I ended up dropping down to about £178. I've got energy. I feel great. I'm 47 years old and I feel like I'm 25. So if you want the kick, go see Zach Alpha Energy Method, get the change in your life you need and believe, build, conquer your life.

How would you describe Alpha Energy Method in three words?

Jeremy Sycks: I would describe the alpha energy method as flexible, affordable and effective.

Why is Alpha Energy Method different from other coaching services?

Jeremy Sycks: The Alpha Energy method is different than most coaching courses simply for the fact is it works. It's a no BS approach. It's not a bunch of hand holding, it's not a bunch of false promises and fake smiles and phony Hellos. The Alpha Energy method is a real plan that's scalable and workable for anybody no matter where you're at. If you're £100 overweight, it will work for you. If you're already in great shape, it will improve the shape that you're in. Come check it out.

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