Meet Stefanos Loizou, Account Manager

July 06, 2021

Meet our Account Manager, Stefanos Loizou and get to know ALLOut through the eyes of our employees!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stefanos Loizou, Account Manager, ALLOut Security

Could you share a few details about the favourite part of your role at ALLOut Security?

Stefanos Loizou: Hi everyone. This is Stefanos from ALLOut Security and today I want to talk to you about my favourite part of my role as an Account Manager within the organization. The best thing really is the support that you can give to clients and IT individuals by showing them the way they can manage their JDE environment more effectively with the ALLOut software. Also I'm a people person, so the fact that I can have multiple conversations with different individuals in various organizations around the world, is something I really enjoy.

What do you like most about working at ALLOut Security in general?

Stefanos Loizou: What I like most about working in ALLOut Security? That's quite a tricky question, because I like many things. I think for me the best thing is the fact that we're a really small team of around 20 individuals with completely different backgrounds. Being a member of such diverse team is just amazing as through this diverse blend, the ideas that are coming up for our services are incredible.

How do you feel yourself & other employees embody the mission of ALLOut Security?

Stefanos Loizou: The way I feel myself and my colleagues embody the mission of ALLOut Security is the fact that all of us have a common goal - to offer amazing services by supporting our customers throughout their JDE journey, making sure that they can still do awesome work by utilizing their JDE instance as effective as possible.

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